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Simple Ways of Being Creative With Your Content Marketing Strategy!

Creative Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing is the most reliable internet marketing strategy with so many opportunities to connect with the targeted audience. Let’s have a look at some creative ways of content marketing that can do wonders for business and brands.

Creative Video:

A recent study has shown that the video content is always preferred over the text content. Especially in today’s era when internet is easily accessible like never before. We can stream high quality video comfortably without any buffer. There are about 65% of internet users watch three-quarter of videos, but they don’t read a single page of text.


It is scientifically proven that watching the video is more convenient than reading text. The video contains less cognitive strain and a person can passively consume much information by putting less energy and efforts.If you are planning to create a video, make sure that it is creative, thoughtful and contains the necessary amount of humour. You can also create videos with stories to connect your audience.

The video has a great impact over our mind because our brains are programmed to pay attention to the people’s expression, sound and body language. Combining these 3 factors can make any message stronger and easy to process.

It is essential to integrate video on your content marketing strategy

Be Mobile-Friendly:

It is a waste of an opportunity for anyone who doesn’t have an optimized mobile website. Till now, I believe that every webmaster and a website owner who have gone through their analytics have witnessed the tremendous increase of mobile visits taking over the desktop. I have seen more than 50% of visits on my client website coming from mobile devices. I have also seen a good number of traffic coming from smart TVs and gaming console.

Observing the continues increase of mobile trends, it is mandatory to make mobile friendly websites.

Read about mobile optimization in more details.

Be Visually Awesome:

Integrating an image in your content marketing strategy can do wonders if people start liking and sharing it over the popular social networking and image sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, etc. These are some most popular platform which has millions of users making them a great source of getting referral traffic.

Be Visually Awesome

Make sure whenever you choose an image, it should be relevant and visually present.

Similar like influencer marketing, there are also many photographers who have a large number of following on social networking sites. They can also be a great source for driving traffic to the website.

User-Generated Campaigns:

User-generated content has a great value on the internet. More than 85% of internet users find user-generated content more influential and trustworthy as compared to brand-generated content.

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