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The internet has made the world a smaller place these days. People are using smartphones in order to access the internet while being on the move. You can find out about almost anything that you want to on the internet with the help of Google. It is one of the most popular search engines which can offer you with the best search results.

But as rapid developments of technology in the field of virtual intelligence is taking place, a number of other search engines have come up in recent times. They offer search results which are even better than Google in some aspects. So, when it comes to search engines, you can come across numerous search engines which can be an alternative to Google.

Usually, you will come across a normal internet user who is completely dependent on Google in order to find out any information. But one thing which many people fail to look forward to is that there are search engines beyond Google too. These search engines are specialized in particular areas like customizability, integration-ability, safety etc.


Here are the 10 search engines which can provide you with a better search result as compared to Google:


This is one of the most elegant search engines which you can come across. Created by Microsoft, it offers you with a scope to view each IP address which is linked with a domain name. It appears in the second position in the category of the most widely utilized search engines across the world. On its home page, you will come across high definition pages on a daily basis across the globe. This isn’t only a search engine. Bing will also provide you with access to maps, MSN, outlook, videos etc.


Rather than caching web pages, this distinct search engine curates its information through the use of well-known and trustworthy publications and libraries. This search engine is focused on different subjects for people of every age group. Here, you will come across information on different subjects like engineering, arts, math, computer, physics, chemistry etc. from a list available on the home page. In the area below the search bar, there are some useful options available like data input, image input and file upload. The web apps option is also available. Here you will come across a number of applications related to various educational subjects and topics.


This famous search engine is at present not as trendy as it was. But it still has the ability to offer you with search results in 38 different international languages. It takes Bing’s assistance to offer answers to any type of search. Yahoo’s answers are highly popular portal to acquire numerous answers to frequently asked questions. It also offers a special mobile portal to discover everything via the Smartphone interface like sports, weather, mail, Yahoo messenger etc.


You might not have heard about the name of this search engine. But it is the 4th largest search engine across the world and has more than 150 search queries each day. Yandex is the most popular web search portal across Russia and offers different types of inbuilt services like maps, videos, translators and mail. This technology company has come up with one of the most effective search engines which can outperform Google search by offering cross lingual search options.

Start Page

This is one of the safest search engines which offers users with a protected search environment. It is also powered by Google. Therefore, if you regard Google as a trustworthy companion and want a safe search option, then this search engine is a suitable option for you. Start Page acts as a medium for data collection and it anonymously sends it to Google and brings back the results with disclosing your identity. This unique quality of the search engine has made it a viable option among people from different parts of the world.

Search Team

There is a slight difference between normal and collaborative search engines. This search engine was set up with the main aim to collaborate your search engine with people whom you can trust upon in real world. It allows users to work with close associates like co-workers and friends to look for quicker and more accurate answers in comparison to Google.


Yippy is the best search engine to obtain collective results via numerous conventional search engines. It has been basically designed for exploring deep web pages which are tough to explore through the use of Google. In case you are looking for alternative search engines which are better than Google search when it comes to internet security and concepts, then Yippy is the ideal option. It offers users with a unified access to big data in a smooth manner.


You will come across innumerable search engines in the internet. But none can beat Kiddle in the areas of child restriction and safety. This search engine has been specifically designed for kids to know about internet safety without opening any content which is adult or offensive. This distinct feature of Kiddle makes it a search engine which can beat Google search. You will come across everything which is necessary for searching on the internet such as videos, news, images and encyclopedia.

Nasa Images

In case you have deep interest in astronomy and want to stay updated with all news related to activities happening in outer space, then this is the best search engine. This search engine is officially powered by NASA to offer the latest techniques which have developed in the field of science and technology. The search engine includes all types of multimedia items such as videos, audios, images etc. You will also get regular updates from NASA through this unique search engine.


This search engine was created with the main aim to encourage the plating of trees for a brighter future. According to a rough estimate, the community of Ecosia plants 1 tree in every 7 seconds in countries such as Indonesia, Madagascar and Peru. From the total money earned as advertisement revenue, 80% of the revenue goes to the tree plantation initiative as well. In case you want to build a better environment in the future, you can help in planting a tree by using this search engine on a regular basis.

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