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Say Goodbye To Lower Back Pain And Get Long Term Relief

Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem which is faced by people all walks of life. You feel a sudden strain on your lower back all of a sudden even if you are fully fit. Such pain can to a great extent hamper your activeness. There are a number of exercises through which you can gain relief from back pain within a short span of time. Making them a part of your day to day regimen will help you to make lower back pain a thing of the past.


Some of the ways through which you can gain relief from lower back pain is discussed below for your reference:-

Egoscue Method

The underlying feature is quite simple. You are feeling pain is due to chronic inactivity which weakens specifics muscles while tightening the others. But this process is really effective. This method has gained considerable popularity among well-known celebrities and pro-athletes in recent times.

Here is a way through which you can perform this exercise at home: –

You can simply watch this video and read the entire article to get more clear picture about this incredibly simple and yet most effective back pain exercise.

Static Back Duration (between 5-10 minutes)

In order to perform this type of aerobic exercise you will need to lie on your back by bending both your legs at right angles either on a block or chair. You can also rest your hands either on your stomach or lay your arms on the side below the level of your shoulder while facing the palm up. You will need to breathe from your stomach before relaxing on your lower back. Hold it for a period of 5-10 minutes.

Static Extension Duration 1 minute

For many people, the back pain is caused due to rounding of the back (flexion) from bad postural habits and sitting or slouching. This exercise helps in bending the back in a proper manner. In order to perform this type of exercise, you will have to kneel with your hands on the floor while keeping them below your shoulders.

Then, let your back and head relax towards the floor and let the shoulder blades join, thereby creating an arch on your back. Let your back and head relax. Then keep the elbows straight and shift your hips forward by 6-8 inches so that they do not get aligned with your knees and hold it for 1-2 minutes.

Supine Groin Stretch 10 minutes per side

In order to perform this type of exercise, you will have to lie on your back with one leg which rests on a chair and bend your knee at 90 degrees. The other leg will be extended straight out and will rest on the floor. Ensure that both legs are aligned with your shoulders and hips. You will have to prop your extended leg in an upright position to prevent it from rolling to one side. Hold it for 10 minutes before doing it on your other side.

Modified Floor Block Duration-6 minutes

In order to perform it, you will have to lie on your stomach with your forehead turned towards the floor. Your feet need to be pigeon toed. You will have to rest your elbows on either blocks or books to ensure that your hands don’t rise up. Ensure that your shoulders are level and breathe deeply and relax the upper part of your body. Let your body fall naturally towards the floor and hold it for a period of 6 minutes.

Trigger Points

The very science behind this method states that numerous chronic pains in the body are caused by tension in musculature. Trigger points are actually the points from where the pain starts and the effective way to stimulate relaxation of these points is deep massage to offer relaxation to the area. This might be a bit painful.

One interesting thing to know about trigger points is the fact that even though you might feel your pain will be in a specific area (for instance your lower back or knee), this actually happens very rarely. Normally, somewhere in your surrounding musculature, something is really wrong instead of the site in which you are feeling the pain. This is known as referral pain and needs to be remembered. The place where you are experiencing the pain is often actually a collateral damage.

Normally you will have to stimulate the points around 5-7 times during the day for a period of 30 seconds-1-minute every time. Many people report about total pain relief after using trigger points on a regular basis throughout the day.

Once you try these methods, you will know that problems like lower back pain can easily be tackled. It needn’t be a hurdle in your path. Go ahead and tackle real problems as these small hurdles are dealt with the natural way.

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