Jeans is an incredible wearable discovery by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873, which became the widely used bottom wear across the globe.

The popularity of this successful bottom wear attracted many top brands that give consumers a wide option to choose from.

From sophisticated looking Jeans that substitute the formal bottom wear to rugged or distressed (toned) Jeans. In simple words, jeans are available for all occasions.

The only drawback that I have experienced with Jeans is that it’s hard to retain the original colour after 5 to 6 wash.

No matter which brand you buy, after a year the colour of your Jeans will fade, dulled out and if there’s a Lycra in fabric, it will be gone.

“I have heard that some Jeans fabrics keep on improving after wash. But I haven’t come across any such jeans and fabrics yet. If anyone is aware of such fabrics, please comment and let others know”

Let’s explore how to retain the original colour of our Jeans as long as we could. 

If you haven’t seen the video of Levi’s CEO advising not to wash your Jeans. Please Have to Look!

It is absolutely fine to wear Jeans with occasional washes, let’s say once or twice in a month.

I have tried this before with one basic blue Levi’s Jeans. After a year, it turned out to be a distressing Jeans with a lighter colour. As per my styling, the look of the transformed Jeans was better than when it was new.

Also washing Jeans irregularly might work for those who have a desk job. But what about those people whose job required to get dirty in the real world?

Such people cannot go on without washing for more than 3 to 4 days. Also, the Jeans fabrics tend to loosen gradually after every wear.

So, if you are at a state where you need to wash your Jeans after every 3 to 4 wear than following methods are better than washing machine which fades the colour more quickly and also damages the fabrics.  

  • Washing using shampoo
  • Freezing the jeans rather than washing
  • Hand wash with detergent

The above mention methods are better as compared to machine wash, but as per my experience, the simplest method that can retain the original colour much longer is the Water WashYes, you heard it right.

Water wash is enough for dark Jeans but for light coloured Jeans Shampoo wash is required if it gets too dusty.

In most cases, adult Jeans are less likely to get serious dirt rather attract dust.

Rinsing in a full bucket of water properly will clean all the dust from Jeans and help to retain the original colour for a longer period of in comparison to any other washing methods.


You may find thousands of video and content to confuse you regarding this topic. But what I have shared is the simplest way. You might also be thinking about what if your Jeans attract any serious dirt. Well, in that case, you can simply wash only that particular area not the entire Jeans.

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