Blue light is omnipresent. Apart from radiating sun, blue light is also produced from buzzing fluorescent lights within your office from PC screen and mobile phones to TV sets. Irrespective of the exact time of the day and the activity you may be engaging in, there is high chance that you are being exposed to large amounts of blue light.

So what exactly is blue lights? Blue light waves are shorter and emits higher energy levels than all other types of light in visible light spectrum. One third of visible light is a blue light and therefore is a large one. Too much exposure can cause severe medical issues such as cataracts, headaches, muscular degeneration, sleep disruptions, eye strain and pterygium. All these issues can to a great extent cause long term damage to your life and impede you from following your daily routine in a proper manner.

Here are some measures which you can adopt to stay safe from blue light: –


Computer glasses help in a great way to adjust the intermediate-distance objects like computer screens and minimize the effects of strain on your eyes. Therefore, you can use them while working in office or at home.


Take into account the amount of time which you spend on a digital service. Spending a couple of hours at a computer screen can cause a lot of eye strain and fatigue. If you are parent, then you need to supervise and limit the amount of time for which your children are exposed to computer. If necessary reduce the amount of time they devote to computers.


Irrespective of the pattern of device you might be using, digital screens need to be directed in front of your face, a bit below the level of eyes. In case you are holding handheld devices, then keep them at a safe distance from your eyes and below their level.


Adjust your screen’s brightness by checking the control setting of your device. Think about changing the background color from bright white to cool gray. Glare reduction filters for computer screens are also found in markets these days.


Now, you must be aware of the fact that blue light is present virtually everywhere, starting from tablets and smartphones to computers and even sunlight. It can cause a lasting damage to your eyes in case you do not opt for adequate protection. In such cases, you can consider making use of lenses which offer protection from blue light. There are lenses which play a major role in which you can preserve your well-being while protecting yourself from any type of harmful light. These lenses are specifically designed to relax and protect your eyes from blue light which is not harmful. These lenses fit into your frames and will ensure that you have strong blue light blocking eyewear and reduce exposure to blue light while you are active, check social media, gaming or study on your computer.

What makes these lenses are highly effective in filtering blue light to reduce harmful effects. Though other blue light glasses and lenses are equipped with a surface coating and are made using the innovative filtering blue light blocking technology right into the lenses. The blue light emitted by the sun is 500 times than your digital devices. These lenses also helps in protecting your eyes from the UVA/UVB light coming from the rays of the sun.

These lenses have been developed in collaboration with some of global leaders in lens materials manufacturing. They offer a completely clear clears lens while ensuring minimal color distortion. Therefore, people who use this type of lens can be assured that these lenses will provide them with great help along with their everyday glasses and provide protection throughout the day from blue light and UV light.

These lenses are made from a distinct blue-light blocking polymer which is directly included within the lens materials during the process of manufacturing. This ensures that the blue-blocking technology doesn’t get worn out or chipped. By absorbing blue light, the polymer checks blue light from passing to your eyes via the lens. The UV blocker lenses which form a part of this collection are equipped with a normal anti-reflective coating.


Yes. The blue-light blocking lenses which have been launched in the market in recent times are designed for usage as all-day wear. Irrespective of your level of exposure to computers, they can be worn in the manner of regular computers for protecting your eyes from the harmful blue light which is emitted from any type of device, be it a cell phone, tablet or a computer.

They can be worn like normal regular glasses to protect the eyes from LED and artificial fluorescent lights. They are different from the yellow or orange colored specialty computer glasses which are specially designed in order for usage by people who work for long hours with computers or have interest in gaming. These lenses are not tinted and cannot be used as sunglasses or photochromic glasses. But these lenses do offer complete UV protection.

Long term exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) blue light can cause a lot of eye strain and unclear vision. Recent studies have confirmed that it can also cause a significant risk of developing macular degeneration in the later stages of life. Such a problem can lead to vision loss over a period of time. The newest range of UV blue blockers which have launched in the market offers maximum UV coverage to users, thereby offering long term protection to the eyes.

Stay safe, take the right precautions at the right time and life can be much better. Start using UV blockers before the light starts affecting your health.

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