If you love the vintage aspect of a motorcycle then Bullet Standard 350 is the most relevant option for you in India.

The bike has tall and skinny tires, spoke wheels, and a heavy crack engine that delivers a slightly more pronounced thump as compared to any other bike in the segment. You can also achieve unexpected among of milage in this 350cc engine. RE Riders have managed to achieve mileage up to 40+ kmpl.

Keep in mind à milage is depend upon the riding style and motorcycle condition.

You can easily find plenty of accessories to customize your Bullet as per your needs and comfort. Some of the most common accessories that you will find changed, fitted, or customized in the majority of Bullet are Crash Guard/Leg Guard, Handle Bar (as per the rider’s height), Rear View Mirror, Backrest, Fog light (for often riding in the dark – especially for the highways that don’t have street light)

Personal recommendation – all the above accessories come with a wide range of quality. Always prefer the best quality product or else better keep the stock ones to avoid any safety compromise.

“Some people call all the Royal Enfield bikes Bullet. However, below are the Bullet variants ”

Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 350 Variants

Riding Experience of Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 350

Riding Experience is the selling point of Enfield Motorcycles and Bullet Standard has the longest riding history among all the variants. You can easily cruise around 80 KMPL, but the best-known cruising speed is between 50 to 55 KMPL that allows you to experience the best thumping of a heavy crank RE Bullet engine.

The seat is pretty comfortable for a long ride, but to add extra comfort, you easily find plenty of options for seat customization. Even Royal Enfield offers a touring seat that looks pretty much identical but has better quality form for extra comfort.

The motorcycle has long front and rear tires to handle the road bumps pretty nicely. But the rear tire is less broad that reduces the rider’s confidence around the extreme corners. My suggestion would be to drive as much strait as possible or else go for aftermarket broad tires.

Necessary accessories for touring on Bullet Standard 350

  • Change the handlebar is you are taller than 5’10 (this will avoid back pain)
  • Add pillion backrest with carrier option (best to tie your duffle bag or other luggage’s)
  • Add fog lamps if you are planning for a night ride (the stock headlight is useless)
  • Keep extra tube and clutch wire (It’s a heavy motorcycle, so there is a possibility of clutch wire break. It has tube tire, so in case of any uncertain puncher keeping extra tube save a lot of time)

You might have heard a lot of rumours about the maintenance, things like hathi palna and all that. But the reality is quite different, which I will cover below:

How to Ride and Care Your Royale Enfield Standard?

At the time when you take delivery of your motorcycle, the showroom will explain to you certainly do’s and don’ts which are highly important and you need to follow those as long as you are riding your Enfield motorcycle.

I will mention below whatever I have remembered so far…

Every morning before starting your bike, press and leave the clutch 3 to 4 times. Then free-kick your motorcycle while holding the clutch at least 5 to 6 times. This process will help your engine oil to circulate properly.

Then kick start your bike on the middle stand and keep the engine running for at least 2 minutes, let the engine warm. You can keep the ideal engine running for longer if the temperature of your surrounding is too low.

Start your motorcycle and ride it smoothly for a few minutes.

The above mention routine will help you to keep your bike maintenance at a minimum and you will be able to ride your motorcycle for years without the need of changing the clutch plate or chain sprocket.

Royal Enfield Bullet is designed to ride gently – keep it that way

Bike Maintenance Tips

  • Change your engine oil between 3500 to 4000 (use Motul 3000 4T Plus 15W50 API SM HC Tech Engine Oil for Royal Enfield Bullets (2.5 L) or This item Shell Advance AX7 15W-50 API SM Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil (3 L)) [along with engine oil, don’t forget to change engine oil filter]
  • Do the complete bike servicing every 6 months.
  • Change the filter every month. (hardly cost you around 200 rupees and you can even change it by yourself.
  • Keep your chain without rust. RE rusty chain breaks very easily. Lube it every month once or twice. You can lube more frequently if you tour a lot.
  • Keep checking your front disk brake oil (Mostly, Standard Bullet comes with only front disk break)

What About Resale Value?

The Royal Enfield 350 has great resale value due to the following reason:

  • The Royal Enfield 350 has great resale value due to the following reason:
  • It has a great average road life which lasts into lacks of kilometres
  • The service network of Royal Enfield is great and it’s a simple make motorcycle which can be fixed by any mechanic
  • It has a sturdy metal body with the long-lasting ability
  • Brand value – Royal Enfield has branded their motorcycle in a way that gives people a feel of Royalty to own this brand of motorcycle


Whatever is written was based on my experience and observation. If anyone likes to add something, feel free to comment and express your thoughts.

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