Most people today are excessively concerned about their health. Excess weight results in many health problems. That is why you need to stay fit to be healthy. Here are some simple weight loss tips that will help you stay in shape. Try them out before you are already out of shape.

  1. Start Your Day with Water: Kick start your day by hydrating and detoxicating your body with the help of 16 ounces of water. This will not only make you feel fresh but energised as well.
  2. Get A 5 Pound Weights’ Set: Burn the extra calories and build up your lean muscles by doing strength training, which includes lunges, squats, triceps pulls and bicep curls.
  3. Have Grilled Vegetables: Grilled vegetables will keep you away from oily or deep-fried vegetables, as these are delicious and healthy. Grilled vegetables have a mouth-watering taste which will make you have it more and more.  Include more greens in the diet.
  4. Have Fish Rather Than Red Meat: Fatty fish like salmon, halibut and tuna and shellfish like mussels and shrimp and rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids and lean protein. Grill your fish and you’ll forget red meat.
  5. Measure portions with your iPhone: Your portions of meat and grains should be around five ounces, which is approximately the size of your iPhone. This visual measurement will help to keep your portions in check.
  6. Grab the Pre-Biotics: Pre-biotics helps you to keep your gut healthy and prevent bloating, prebiotics feed upon the fibres produced by the pre-biotics. Bananas, asparagus and artichokes are good examples of pre-biotics.
  7. Use Beautiful Plates for Meals: This will help to make every meal special and also urge you to think about the food you are eating and make you have it only in the required portions.
  8. Relaxation Is the Key: Chronic stress causes weight gain. Say goodbye to stress and do things more which makes you happy and relaxes your soul, for instance, hanging out with friends or enjoying the nature.
  9. Enjoy Morning Latte: A 16 ounces low, non-fat or soy latte in the morning is a good source of around 13 grams of protein, which is perfect to round-off a small breakfast.
  10. Elevate Your Every Meal and Snack with Produce: Produce is a rich source of fibre and nutrients. Add it in your meals and snacks to elevate the nutritive value and taste, like adding cucumbers and bell peppers or a pair of plum to your sandwich and spinach to your omelette.
  11. Make Your Summer Workout Playlist: Make a playlist of your favourite songs and listen to it while working out. This will help you to push yourself harder and workout for longer hours, without making you feel tired.
  12. Enjoy Lunch Al Fresco: Enjoying the nature while eating, like birds’ sounds, cool breeze and basking in the warm sun during winters helps you to relax and enjoy the meal properly.
  13. Turn off the TV: Step out of the house. Go for a bike ride, watch people from your front porch or visit the park with your dog rather than watching TV.
  14. Have Water with Wine Cube: When you want to have a special drink but fear the calories, add a wine cube to club soda or seltzer water and you are sorted. 
  15. Serve from The Kitchen: This will help you to eat only what you require, while having food directly from the dining table results in unnecessary picking.
  16. Read the Label: Make sure you read the nutrition labels at the grocery store and know what is present in your food. This will help you to shop healthy.
  17. Bid Gums Goodbye: Chewing gums is helpful to deal with your sweet tooth, but the sugar alcohols in the gums bloat your gut. These are the ingredients which end with “ol”. Take the wise decision.
  18. Spice Up with Summer Heat: Capsaicin content in spicy peppers and red chillies helps in weight loss. Add chilli flakes to a marinade for meat, grill whole peppers or spice up the salsa.
  19. Fruits Should Be the Star of The Desserts: Enjoy deserts which have fruit as the star. Like, the banana split, in which a sliced banana is served with a tablespoon of nut butter and sprinkled chocolate chips and the baked apples or berries which are served with a scoop of ice cream. Add a twist to the deserts with grilled plums, pineapple and peaches.
  20. Flip A Beach Book Before Bed: Good sleep is essential to maintain a healthy body weight. And this can be achieved by reading an easy beach book.
  21. Sprint In A Minute: Intense and long bouts of sprints are as effective as long workouts. Push yourself harder to lose those extra calories.
  22. Eat A Toast-Toppings Flip: Fruits and vegetables are your new bread. Enjoy apple slices with nut butter as a sandwich, add almond butter to roasted sweet potato slices or a scoop of SunGold kiwi and top it up with cottage cheese.
  23. Cultivate an Herb Garden: 30 minutes of gardening is a moderately-intense workout. Moreover, herbs like mint, rosemary and basil elevates the taste and freshness quotient of your meal.
  24. Let Go Sweet and Sugary Summer Beverages: Sweet and sugared beverages do not fill the stomach and only adds up to the unnecessary calorie intake. Cut down on soda, which has around 40 grams of sugar per can and lemonade, which has 28 grams of sugar per cup.
  25. Shop Fresh Produce: Discover and try fresh produce which are new to you new and must ask for samples before purchasing. You can try and experiment with crispy kohlrabi, fava beans and mulberries.
  26. Go for A Walk After Dinner: A short 10 minutes’ walk after every meal is more effective than a 30 minutes’ walking routine every day. It helps in reducing the blood sugar levels faster.
  27. Have A Treat Daily: It is important to have 200 calories a day. So enjoy a scoop of ice-cream, fruity cocktail or an ice pop without feeling guilty.
  28. Give A Change to Your Kitchen: Remove all the snacks, like crackers and cereals from the countertops of your kitchen. This will help you to eat less of such food items.
  29. Opt for Unsweetened Dairy: Some of the sweetened yogurts are as sugary as a dessert. Switch to unsweetened diary and plant-based milk. You can add a fruit to your yogurt to make it naturally and healthily sweet.
  30. Do Outdoor Yoga: You can try outdoor yoga classes on the rooftops, in the parking lots and parks, which welcomes everyone irrespective of their level in the exercise. Try something new and healthy.

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