The routine is tiresome. The homemade food is tasteless. The simplicity of routine life surely lacks lustre. We have a thousand reasons to state when we are asked why we need a break.

But here is more. Here are some reasons why you must definitely take up the much-awaited travel expedition.

To Widen Your Horizon

Till you get out of your home, you actually live in a shell and know very little of what is in store. The world’s changing topographies, unique cultures, diverse races, varying languages and mystifying cuisines can all be known to you once you get out of that little shell of yours. So, it is time you pack your bags for the much-awaited expedition without any delays.

To Explore New Cuisines

If you are a foodie who has never tasted food beyond the streets of your city or your favourite fast food joints, buddy you are missing a lot in life. Get out and understand how the flavours change with the borders. See what spices and garnishes define the cuisine of each state. Know what is the characteristic aroma and flavour of your nation and how it differs from the neighbouring state.

It does not matter whether you explore places within your nation or whether you go travelling abroad. Travelling always offers chances to explore unique tastes and flavours. In Maharashtra, you will find impeccable seafood delicacies and tasty snack items like Vada Pav and Bhaji Pav. In the meanwhile, the flavours of the neighbouring state of Karnataka are quite different as they about in South Indian delicacies and excessive use of dry coconut and local spices.

To Relax and Rejuvenate

If you think a holiday from office will help you forget your tensions at work, we can suggest a better alternative. Go for a travel expedition to a nearby place that is bountiful in natural beauty. Explore the flora and fauna in the locality. Breath the fresh air and keep your mind close to nature. There could be no experience so relaxing and rejuvenating as a trip to a place with panoramic views.

A holiday in the midst of the busy city does not help you escape from calls, mails and social media updates. So, turn off your gadgets and head to that place you always wanted to visit. Forget everything about the busy life for just one day and see how it helps you.

To Make New Friends

Most people have a very different perception about friendships, all thanks to social media and internet. Meeting people, speaking to them, understanding more about their views of life and interacting with them helps you get in touch with some real friends. These are friends formed through experience and thus are true in their commitments. Making friends during travel is sure a great benefit of exploring new places.

The reason why great Rishis suggested a Tirth Yatra or a pilgrimage was because they understood the miraculous ways in which travel transformed an individual. A travel expedition helps you get a peep into the lives of different people. It helps you understand more about human nature. It also helps to eliminate your fears

To Eliminate Old Fears

When we live in a city, away from nature and from the real life, we have a very many inhibitions and fears. The dark, the fauna, the loneliness and the lack of support are not things we are well acquainted with. That is why, we have fear of darkness, of new people and nearly of everything that is different. A bit of travelling helps you get rid of most of these fears. It helps you learn to live alone independently.

You also understand through travel the need for being patient and determined. Perseverance is the only thing that can reach one to his goals.

To Grasp New Skills

Every place in this world is gifted with its own arts, crafts and music. Visiting a new place helps you get acquainted with the new arts and crafts. You may even acquire some new skills and abilities while residing in a new place for a few days. It helps you expand your vision and gain more in your life.

If you visit Kerala, you get to meet different artisans who create craft items from cane and coir. In the meanwhile, if you visit Goa, you can see souvenirs made from shells.

To Add to The Album Called Life

Do you love clicking pictures? Do you wish to add some very cherishable memories to the album called life? Then what could be a better way than to simply visit new places. Explore the flora and fauna. Click pictures in the different surroundings. You can then share your experience with your kids and loved ones.

While movies do tell you a lot about a certain place, nothing can be as good as life. If you visit a place, you get a real-life experience that you can share with others in the days to come.

To Respect the Four Walls of Your Home

Have you always despised the four walls of your home? Do you despise the banal homecooked food that lacks flavour? It is time then for you to head for your travel expedition. It will help you truly respect good homecooked food. As you get a taste of the adventures outside the four walls as well as the threats it brings along, you are sure to develop homesickness. You will really wish to return home to that tasteless life of yours.

So now since you know the myriad benefits of travelling, why delay your expedition any further? Start planning your trip right away.

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